This is the same kit I have been running since 2011 on all of my BMW's. SLR and I have been working and refining this kit for almost 10 years. It has the best steering feel, most adjustability, and is made with much higher quality parts than and of the other kits available out there.

***********Please Include year and model in the notes once you have placed your order.

The SLR Complete angle kit is designed and built in the USA for BMW 3-Series and similar Vehicles. This kit increases your total track width utilizing our 100% 4130 Chromoly steel control arms that are beautifully hand TIG welded resulting in arms that are very lightweight yet extremely strong. We also use the highest grade aluminum (7075-t6) billet available for our signature steering plates that offer an unmatched combination of geometry correction and Ackerman adjustment (4 positions), all in an easy to install, lightweight, Completely bolt on package.

We truly believe this is the highest quality steering kit on the market at any price.

Kit Features

60°+ of steering lock (depending on wheel/tire combination)
40%* faster steering ratio
3.1 turns lock-to lock at 60°!
28mm roll-center correction
Matching bump-steer correction
Optimized Ackerman for drifting (4 position adjustable to tailor to track and/or driving style)
Bracket for Non-M style Swaybar links (Adjustable links available separately)
Legal for all drifting series worldwide (including Formula-D & US pro-am)

Chassis: Please Choose which Chassis the kit is going on, If you are using different knuckles than what your car comes with please let us know in the notes.

Control Arm: Super arms are +27mm wider per side than E46 non M OEM control arms, we recommend Supers for E30/E36 Applications for all but the most extreme setups. Wheel Recommendation - 17x8 ET0 or lower.

Ultra arms are +27mm wider per side than the Super arms recommended for E46's due to the already wider chassis and to clear 18" or larger Diameter front wheels. Either version of the Kit is capable of the same amount of steering angle provided a suitable wheel and tire combo is chosen. 17 or 18 X 9 ET 0 or lower

I always recommend the ultra kit for E46 or anyone wanting to run larger front wheels and tires.

If you would like the billet adjustable front control arm bushings included, please select in the box below (with Billet FCAB). If not you will use your current bushings, and they must be the round type (NOT E46 Hex)

What's in box

SLR Lower Control Arms x2
SLR Inner & outer balljoint studs
SLR Bump-steer / Roll-center /Steering Adapters x2
SLR Adjustable outer tie-rods x2
SLR Billet tie-rod tubes x2
SLR Installation Manual & decals
SLR Steering Rack Limiters
All hardware for 100% bolt-on installation

***********Please Include year and model in the notes once you have placed your order.

* These are built to order and can take up to 5-7 days to ship. Thanks!